Friday, 19 August 2016

Mobile App And Digital Marketing Strategy

World has gone mobile, so are the markets, the products and sellers. People prefer to use mobile as a personal device not to be shared with even the close ones. And thus, they carry the greatest potential for marketers, and also the most possessive and defensive mode of resistance to it.
Mobiles these days carry a lot of personal charm for everyone, often people identifying themselves with them. Marketing through mobile devices is the closest one can reach to a customer directly, even compared to meeting in person.

Marketers can easily strategize their reach and information retrieval system through mobile getting a very high chance of conversion. Through applications, of course, but how is a big question?

Simple, light and problem-free app

Keeping interface simple, and the application usage light on storage, RAM and processor on the mobile device is bound to give a boost. Digital Agency in Chandigarh speaks, in a world of a lot of options, this will boost downloads, and maintain connection of users with you. Excess caching is to be avoided as well. Basically, give your user a reason to try and further on, keep your portal to him open.

Engage the user

People keep mobile for two reasons only, the basic utility of communication plus other utility, and a little entertainment. Creative Ad Agency in Delhi states even if your product is of utmost utility, a little entertainment will give better chance of conversion and as already pointed, bring your app up in user's preference. Digital marketing already has blogging useful content in check list; bring them to the app as well, as a well-defined feature. Using activity based engagement (like trivia or quizzes) can help retrieve information about user behavior and preferences and help deliver better offers.

Remind them of your presence in their lives

while we are trying to engage, users may not exactly use the app for that. So put on notifications, notify them of relevant stuff (a blog post or an important offer or just a good morning with a quote) but of course, don't nag, really don't do that. Embed your app with social media options (cross promotion) and once connected there, keep your touch relevant to them there as well.

Mobile devices are an important platform for building brand reputation and trust because of their personal, possessive nature. App development and marketing strategists can work wonders together while building the app. If a brand is successful in maintaining its app presence in one's mobile, then it is the closest proof of the brand being relevant in a person's life, it is success in itself.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Social Media Engagement- Absolutely Necessary For Businesses Today!

The world we are living in today is better connected, thanks to the vast web of internet. Whether you need a book or a television, refrigerator or ready-made food delivered at your doorstep, all you need to do is go online and place the order. Everything is easy; getting the products you need, connecting to your relatives living in far away country, getting information about the weirdest stuff, getting to know the newly launched products. The Internet is endless and so is the information available on it.

Social media has taken the whole customer-business relationship to the next level - Read how.
Today, engaging with customers is much easier for businesses than it was ever before. However, one thing that businesses need to keep in mind is that just setting up a page say on Facebook or Twitter is not enough. If your customers point out a concern, it is your responsibility and duty to heed to it as soon as possible. The more you stay connected to your customers, the more they will feel satisfied and the more you will profit.


Take this scenario for instance, a customer posts a question on your Facebook page or Twitter account but does not receive any response from your side, how do you think this is going to impact your business? Of course, that particular customer will feel unappreciated and unimportant. Now, with hundreds of perks that internet era brings, also comes its negative side. If your customers can tell you how much they love your services, they can also rant about their dissatisfaction and frustration using the same platform in case you fail to meet their needs, which is obviously bad for your business as it can seriously impact your reputation and you might end up losing a significant number of potential customers.

What content Should be going on social media or what not? 

In fact, various surveys have been conducted by our social media agency in Chandigarh on the same issue to find out how much impact does it really make if there is a communication gap between customer-business relationship, and the answer is: powerful enough for you to start paying attention! Just take a look at the numbers:


    Customers who hold a grudge against a particular brand if they feel dissatisfied, especially with customer care: 38%
    Customers who discuss their experience with friends and family: 29%
    Customers who would think of boycotting that particular brand and switching to other options: 24%
    Customers who would not recommend products of that particular company: 21%
    Customers who would lash out publicly or on social media: 15-20%

Let’s take a look on the positive side as well,
    Customers who recommend and promote your brand if they get an appreciable response and customer care: 47%
    Customers who will share your advertisements with their friends and family: 38%
    Customers who will try more of your products: 34%


So, now that you are online, take out a little time and reply to that comment or tweet you got a notification about and see the difference in your profit charts for yourself.

Have you recently noticed any profit or loss in business being affected by the social media engagement strategy? Share your experience.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Why Pay Attention To Your Homepage?

The homepage of your website is as important as getting dressed up for the day. Because, no matter what people say, they still make snap judgments when they meet you; about whether they want to go ahead and talk to you, would like to talk to you or move on and never see you again. The same goes for your website. The first impression of your website matters a great deal. As soon as your customers or clients land on your homepage, they make a snap judgment whether they like you or not. Some might still go ahead to explore it if you are lucky, but the majority still remains the same.

Therefore, your homepage must present quality with interactive language and visually appealing design. Your customers must get the feeling that you have the solution they are looking for or at least find it interesting enough to explore your website further.

Your homepage is the mirror to your visions, values and objectives. It gives the customers a chance to know you better, understand what you want to achieve and what you can do for them, thus marking its importance.

Here’s a quick sneak peek into how you should go forward with your homepage design as laid out by every good digital agency :

A simplistic design: Always make sure to include the basic elements viz. navigation bar, logo, tools, quality content and links to your homepage.


Including navigation is necessary so that people don’t get lost while trying to find a particular page. They should be able to easily find out where they are and where to click for a particular information/product or service. A good logo gives your brand its distinct identity and helps you stand out in the crowd. And, as far as content and links are concerned, good quality means high relevance, which is the most attractive point for any customer as it gives them a sense of relief that they are not wasting their time.

Also, keep in mind not to complicate things. The easier you make things for your customers, the more they will love you.

Effective and engaging visuals: A good homepage consists of visually effective imagery and high-quality flash elements. Nobody likes to wait; if your home page elements take too much time to load, your customers might leave out of boredom to look for a solution elsewhere.

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A clear idea of your objectives and values: The clearer you make it for the readers/customers about what it is that you want to achieve and what solutions you can provide them, the more customers will find your services attractive.


Now that you know the value of your website homepage, go ahead and plan out yours.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Your Brand Personality And Typography Are Connected… Here’s Why…

With everything shifting online and billions of people relying on online platforms for their everyday tasks, be it shopping, communication, news or learning, the need for quality and effective content is on the rise.

However, as every good digital agency in Delhi suggests, brands need to see beyond this information. Brands need to take care of how they convey a piece along with what they convey in order to gain more customer value and engagement. Therefore, it’s not about Content Creation but Curation when it comes to setting up a unique brand identity.


While most brands put a lot of effort in deciding the right way of communication, they tend to overlook the importance of a unique typeface even though it helps in creating more human, personal and authentic connections with the customers.

Digital Media and Typography

The stimulus behind the need for a truly unique identity and thus importance of choosing the right typeface is none other than digital media. Digital Media has opened up vast platform for brands to connect with customers. Earlier where only established and limited number of companies could get their message across through costly and limited number of platforms, every brand now stands equal chance of establishing their name, thanks to better and easier connectivity through mobile and responsive interfaces. The only problem that remained was to present your brand differently in the sea of millions and billions of companies and competitors possibly providing similar solutions and services, which found solution in content and logo Curation that can be made as unique as one wants with the help of typography.

Typeface instills the magic of uniqueness in a brand’s personality

There is nothing more fatal than shooting an awesome video that doesn’t convey the message you actually wanted to convey. Same is the case for logos and fonts for business communication as these reflect the brand personality. Choosing or curating a unique typeface help brands stand out from the crowd and establish more human and close connections with the consumers.

After all, ‘we are all aiming for different as different is what makes us stand apart and what people remember us for.’